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Conditions Treated

Live Well Physical Therapy treats a wide variety of diagnoses.
The following are some of our most frequently treated conditions:

Neck and Back Pain

Herniated discs
Muscle strains
Arthritis and degenerative changes
Cervical and lumbar stenosis
Poor posture
Radicular pain

Post-operative Rehabilitation

Total knee replacements
Total hip replacements
Lumbar discectomy
Rotator cuff repair
Menisectomy of the knee and ACL reconstruction

Motor vehicle injuries

Back pain
Shoulder pain
ORIF tibial plateau

Sports Rehabilitation or repetitive injuries

Shoulder impingement
Groin and Hamstring strains
Patello-femoral syndrome
Tennis elbow
Carpal tunnel syndrome

Postural Re-education

Forward head posture
Core weakness

Women’s Health

Pelvic floor dysfunction
Pelvic pain
Urinary incontinence
Pregnancy back pain
Post partum injury